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  • Our gorgeous crystal singing pyramid comes with a padded carrying case and a Mallet. The singing pyramid is produced with pure quartz crystals of the highest quality. The quartz crystal vibrations sound energy comes from the amzing crystal singing pyramid for crystal sound healing and chakras meditation.
  • This crystal singing pyramid is made from the purest available quartz crystals. They are fired at extreme high temperatures until they fuse, forming quartz glass. Some formations may occur during the firing process including bubbles, lines and spots. These features are perfectly natural and do not affect the sound or performance of the pyramid in any way.
  • Your crystal sound pyramids is a high-quality fragile instrument, but with proper handling it can remain beautiful and viable for a lifetime. Always handle your quartz pyramids with the utmost care and take special precautions while transporting or storing it. We suggest that the best Mallet for the quartz singing pyramids is a suede Mallet, always played at a minimum of 10 inches from a person’s head.


6 inch -  $275

8 inch -   $295

10 inch - $315

12 inch - $335

14 inch - $355


Quartz Crystal Singing Pyramid 6'-14'inch

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