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We have created this Sacred Lunar Earth Gong to amply the work with the different moon phases and more....

This incredible design combines not only the power of the Moon but also Archangel Metatron who oversees a cube, which represents how God's creative energy flows throughout the universe enhanced by the  power of pthe pyramide. The pyramid is a symbol for the integration of self-and soul. It can stand for the death, but it also contains rebirth and last but not least we included the all seeing third eye. The spiritual eye is a reflection of the cosmic energy entering the body and sustaining it.

When, through concentration, you see and penetrate through the spiritual eye, you will enter the Spirit beyond creation..


This powerful 90cm or 36" earth tone gong is deep and powerful. It has a subtle but large range of low and medium tones, constant sound with emphasis on low tones and harmony. I would describe it as  the sound coming from the center of the earth.



Sacred Lunar Gong

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