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The Divine Feminine Package


Dont be fooled, this package is not just for the feminine.

We have created this divine Duo to assist you on your Sound healing / Healing journey.

To balance the feminine with the masculine.

We spend so much time in our masculine in our day to day life's. Work, stress, rushing, meeting deadlines and so on so we thought lets find some magical tools to bring us back to our feminine and bring those two energies back into balance.


The divine feminine Gong

We have chosen to use a 65cm white Chau gong for this angelic duo. This gong is a perfect mixture of the chau and the wind gong family and inhabits both characteristics. This heavenly feminine gong creates bright, airy and angelic sound which at the same time remind you of beautiful church bells and ancient shamanic tribes. We went for a 65cm option so you have the choice to play her over peoples body and meridians or hanging up in a stand


The divine feminine Singing Bowl

This divine Golden 10 inch beauty doesnt need words to describe her incredible look. Put her out in the sun and enjoy the golden outside come to live and shine. We have chosen the D note in the 3rd octave. The D note is associated with the Sacral chakra, your centre of creation, joy & sensuality. The 3rd octave ads a beautiful higher angelic sound. And yea, of course we kept her in 432 herz! The combination. Holy Wow!!! You need to experience the duo for yourself. The gong multiplies the vibration and sound of the singing bowl and ads its on vibration to travel through your body to create peace, harmony and pure relaxation. This combo will assist you in finding the sweet spot, the the balance of yin and yang, all while shutting of the mind chatter. It will assist you in bringing your Body mind and Soul back into a beautiful flow


The Divine Feminine Package includes: 

- 65cm divine feminine white chau gong 

- 10" divine feminine Singing Bowl D5

- 1 x singing bowl mallet 

- 1 x Gong mallet 

- 1 x Singing bowl bag 

- 1 x Gong bag 

The Divine Feminine Package

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