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Alchemy Bowls

The Alchemy bowls are lighter and more exquisite than the classic frosted

crystal singing bowls. The Alchemy bowls emit a pure, cosmic sound that expands

into a multitude of vibrant overtones.

Like their classic frosted Singing bowls our alchemy bowls are made of the highest

quality crystal quartz, making them incredibly resonant and long-sounding. The

humming sounds are heard by the ear and felt through the body, affecting

your energy centres (chakras) for healing, balancing and meditation.

What Makes Us Stand Out From The Crowd? 

We create all our own bowls and have them handmade by a small family business that we have worked with for several years. This allows us to sell the highest quality products with unique designs, bowls that produce correct musical notes and frequencies, high quality and only pure materials we all LOVE.  

As we said all our bowls are made by a small family business that puts all their

love and kindness into each bowl. 

We always aim for the highest quality and respect for the materials we use which means that each bowl

can be a little different from the next. Sometimes they might look a little higher or the colour may

look a tiny bit darker or lighter or there might be a small imperfection. 

We do allow for these small differences as we strongly believe every person is different and unique and we want our Singing Bowls to be exactly the same.

We also love to create new and different bowls so if you have a special design, note or frequency in mind please let us know and we will create some magic for you.

High Purity Quartz

We LOVE LOVE LOVE our pure crystal quartz and are so proud to be able to create our crystal singing bowls

with High Purity Quartz which leads to a longer sound when the bowl is played, a sound that is pure and harmonic as that’s what we are aiming for in all our Sound healings. 

The Frequency

Our crystal singing bowls are tuned to 432 Herz (unless stated differently – as our specialty bowls).

We have chosen 432 Herz as it resonates with the natural frequency of the universe and can promote healing and relaxation. This frequency is said to be the same as the vibrational frequency of the Earth, the sun, and even our DNA. Pretty amazing right?!

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