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In Asian history, the gong was an attribute of wealth and served as a status symbol. It was also used in the evocation of ghosts and the banning of demons. Touching a gong brought you fortune and strength. In rituals of the Far East, the gong has retained its special significance to this day.

How impressive is that for something as simple as a Sound instrument? 

Our Gongs Are Hand Made

The history of the Gong goes back a loooong time but in short, this amazing instrument is just

mesmerizing and pure magic. 

We offer a wide range of gongs in different sizes, materials and heritages from the old traditional Chinese gongs that offer a deep and ancient sound that represent millennia of tradition and history to our new and shiny European gongs which are designed with a mixture of exciting and vibrant colours inspired by crystals and natural stones. Their beautiful designs will take your sound journey to the next level and the attention to detail will be the talking point of every Sound healing.

We create the designs of our gongs and have them handmade by a small family business that we have worked with for several years. This allows us to sell the highest quality products with unique designs that are high-quality magical sounds.

We always aim for the highest quality and have respect for the materials we use which means that each gong can be a little different from the next. Sometimes they might look a little different or a tiny bit darker or lighter or there might be a small imperfection. 

We do allow for these small imperfections as we strongly believe every person is different and unique and we want our Gongs to represent that too.

We also love to create new and different Gongs so if you have a special design, note or frequency in mind please let us know and let us create some magic for you.

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