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Tuning Forks

Our Crystal Tuning Forks are made of pure quartz crystals just like our Singing Bowls.

They provide amazing, rich vibrational resonance - just perfect for meditation, yoga,

relaxation or Sound healing.

Using a crystal tuning fork can also elevate and expand your rituals. Striking the

fork creates pure tones that are believed to resonate deeply and help clear

blockages within the body.

How To Use A Tuning Fork

How to use a tuning fork and How do you clear your chakras with tuning forks?

Simple Procedure for using the Chakra Tuning Forks:

  1. Start with the root chakra tuning fork, tap it then place it over the root chakra. After a few seconds, circle the tuning fork in a clockwise motion around the chakra.

  2. Next pick up the tuning fork for the sacral chakra and follow the same procedure from step 1.

  3. This is even more special when you include mantras or chanting.

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