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Sacred Sounds Academy 

Welcome to Sacred Sounds Academy, an extension of the transformative journey offered by Sacred Sounds & Wellness.

Here, we unlock the ancient art of sound healing, guiding you towards profound wellness and balance for body, mind, and spirit.

At Sacred Sounds Academy, we delve deep into the restorative powers of sacred sound. Our meticulously crafted courses, led by the compassionate and skilled Kat, offer an immersive experience in sound healing, utilizing resonant instruments like crystal singing bowls, gongs, and tuning forks. Each session is a bespoke journey, tailored to soothe physical discomfort, alleviate emotional stress, and instil a moment of tranquil reflection.


Our academy is not just a learning space but a sanctuary where ancient wisdom meets modern understanding. Through our workshops and events, you'll explore the full spectrum of sound healing—from deep relaxation and emotional release to a profound connection with the earth's ancient energies. Whether you join us on the Sunshine Coast or through our online platform, endorsed by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT), you're part of a global community embracing the power of sound wellness.


Join Sacred Sounds Academy and be part of a transformative experience that enriches lives, soothes the soul, and connects you with a community of like-minded individuals. Here, every sound is a step towards healing, every note a part of your wellness symphony. 


This is where your journey to holistic health and spiritual awakening begins—guided by the nurturing hands of Kat and the sacred sounds that resonate with the very essence of well-being.

Sacred Sound Academy Workshops

Join Kat as she guides you on your wellness journey through sacred sounds.

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