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This gorgeous Bell can be compared to its more famous brother/sister the Singing Pyramid but with the benefit of being way less fragile and easier to hanlde and store. 


Crystal singing bells are very beautiful and powerful sound tool and have not been given enough fame in my eyes.

People who experience them say it works magive to their energy field, it creates the most angelic sounds and they are so pure.


Hang it from the ceiling or hold it from your hand.

There are many different techniques you can use.  

  • Tap one or a few times and let it ring out
  • Tap one or a few times and then give it a spin.
  • Tap one or a few times and then lift it up and down.


When you are finished playing make sure you silence it and  place it back on a soft surface or in a padded bag as placing a vibrating bell down onto a hard surface may result in breakage.


Crystal Singing Bell

PriceFrom $180.00
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