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I am so exciteed to welcome our brand new Golden Sun Gong into this world....

We have created this beautiful Golden beauty as the yin, the feminin of her beutiful brother the sacred Lunar Gong. 

This incredible design represents the the power of the Sun, she represents life but also known to typify energy, power, positivity, and clarity. The sun is a natural force that's outside of our control, but it also illuminates the world around us.


The moon phases, New Moon: A Time for Renewal and Setting Intentions. Waxing Crescent Moon: Manifesting Dreams and Desires. Full Moon: Celebrating the Divine Feminine. Waning Moon: Releasing What No Longer Serves You.


The stars, they are a beacon of hope, a shining light that guides your way, a symbol of positivity, happiness or renewal. The stars have a magical and inspiring presence. Let them show you the path. 


This beautiful 90cm / 36" Golden Sun Gong is made from steel, which offers a profound and magical mixture of sounds. This gong is unique and powerfu and does not build up to a crashing sound. The sound can be described as connecting to the secrets to the universe and it will send you and everyone around you in a deep, warm and magical meditative state 

Golden Sun Gong

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