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Handmade and hand painted with an abundance of LOVE 

This gorgeous Shamanic drum is made of deerskin and is 50cm

Isnt she beautiiful? 


Why do we combine the power of the Snake with the shamanic medicine of the drum? 


The meaning of the shamanic drum is to represent the heartbeat of the spirit, the leader of the people, and its vibrations. It also connects people to each other and to every living thing, backward and forward in time, as well as out into the universe.

Many tribes used drums in ceremonies and celebrations to call Spirits and help people directly connect with the Spiritual World. The Drums became a tool to communicate with this Spiritual World through different tempos and tones, as everything is seen as a flow in the Universe.


The Snake 

Lets discovering The Snake Spirit

The snake emerges and embodies the qualities of transformation, rebirth, and healing. At the core of the snake's symbolism lies the essence of transformation. In its ability to cast off its old skin and emerge brand new, the snake exemplifies the art of metamorphosis and growth.


Can you feel her Power? 

Shamanic Snake drum

Made to order
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