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This incredible one of a kind double headed handmade Shamanic Rattle is made by hand by the incredibly talented Paul & Kelly in tasmania using deerskin.


It can produce a pretty loud sound so you can use it while playing music in a big drum cycle.

But at the same time create a really gentle sound so it can be assisting you in sound healing practices and meditation process. 

What is a Shamanic rattle?

It is a powerful tool that has been used in shamanic practices for healing, journeying, and connecting to spirit.

It is believed that the sound and vibration of the rattle can help to shift energy, create sacred space, and connect us with the spirit world and the universe. 


How does the rattle work?

The rattle is a percussion instrument that is made of resonant objects in an enclosed container that when it is shaken the parts strike against each other, producing sounds. 


It is approximitaly 35cm in length 

Handmade Shamanic Rattle

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