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You asked and we deliver...

Welcome to this magical SET OF 7  MAGICAL GRAILS / CHALICES

These beauties are based on our 7 chakras, made from pure quarz and are all tuned to 432 Herz. We have created this set in the 4th Octave to make them sound a little more angelique but dont take our word for it, come try them out or ask us fro a sound sample. 


  • Made from 99.9% pure quartz crystal 
  • Specifically tuned to 432Hz to allow the best sound and vibrational healing
  • Each bowl plays a different note that corresponds to the chakra system and is in sequential sizing 

The chakra, notes and sizes: (4th Octave)

  • Root Chakra – 6.75" bowl, C4 note
  • Sacral Chakra – 6.5" bowl, D4 note
  • Solar Plexus Chakra – 6.25" bowl, E4 note
  • Heart Chakra – 6" bowl, F4 note
  • Throat Chakra – 5.75" bowl, G4 note
  • Third Eye Chakra  5.5" bowl, A4 note
  • Crown Chakra – 5.25" bowl, B4 note


Each bowl has been made in the chakra colour they represent for easy identification


What's included:

  • Set of 7 grails / chalices
  • 2 mallets (one suede, one silicone)


Extra mallets are available

We also offer carry bags to protect your bowls

*Please note: Actual product colours amay vary from the images shown

The Holy Grail / Chalice - Set of 7

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