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The Soul Star Singing Bowl

This divine 10 inch beauty doesnt need words to describe her incredible look.

We have chosen The Soul star in  C5 (5th octave note) The C5 note is associated with the Soul Star chakra, your 8th Chakra which is above the crown,


The C5 ads a beautiful higher angelic sound, a sound that can only be described as pure bliss. And yes, of course we kept her in 432 herz!

The combination. Holy Wow!!! You need to experience it for yourself.


This bowl is the perfect addition for your full chakra set or just to play by itself. It will assist you in bringing your Body mind and Soul back into a beautiful flow


The Soul Star Chakra 

This chakra has been described as the gateway of divine love and spiritual wisdom.

It is connected to your higher self and associated as a powerful balancing and self-centering tool. The star chakra is said to be connected to the energy of our soul's past and has an effect on earth


The Soul Star includes: 

- 10" Soul Star Singing Bowl C5 Black or Gold

- 1 x singing bowl mallet 

- 1 x Singing bowl bag 


The Soul Star

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