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Sacred Sounds & Wellness

Experience wellness through the harmony of sound.

Our Best Sellers

Experience the transformative power of sound healing to relax
the body, soothe the mind, and release emotional stress. 

Best sellers

Explore our Workshops

At Sacred Sounds and Wellness, our workshops are an immersive experience, aligning your body, mind,  and spirit. 

Each vibration brings you
closer to harmony.

Attending a sacred sounds workshop or event will establish a profound inner connection and sense of well-being. Our events are hosted by Kat, a sound practitioner passionate about helping others on their journey towards healing and growth.

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Customer Reviews

Feedback from the Heart

Fantastic workshop covered all
and more .. Kat you are
wonderful. I am very grateful
for a wonderful day in your
loving capable hands ..
Many thanks - Robyn

Love and Light 

- Robyn

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Sound Healings

We believe in the ability of sacred sound to restore balance and promote healing within the body, mind, & spirit.

Sound healing is an ancient
practice, rooted in centuries
of tradition.

We create a sanctuary free from the chaos of daily life. The vibration of sacred sound penetrates the body, promoting deep relaxation, and reducing stress and anxiety.

Sound healing is an invitation into a deeper state
of consciousness, where you unplug from external
stimuli and focus on what’s going on within you.


About Us

Sacred Sounds and Wellness is located on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast, where the journey to well-being awaits you. We use the transformative power of sound healing
to restore balance and promote healing within the body, mind, and spirit. 

Founded by Kat, a seasoned traveller and dedicated mother, Sacred Sounds and Wellness guides you on your path to wellness. Kat is dedicated to helping you unlock your potential and soothe your spirit, which is why we’ve created a range of sound healing workshops, events and now an online academy; all designed to restore your inner peace and balance your energies.

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